The 10 Strip Club Commandments

The 10 Strip Club Commandments

Strip clubs may seem like beautifully crazy places where anything goes, but there’s levels to this sh*t. Follow these simple rules and you’ll have a great time looking at women you could never pull get naked for you and act like they love you (yeah, the truth hurts, but at least they’re naked).

1. If you don’t have money, don’t come.
2. If you do have money, show out. Don’t get pissy because the strippers want your money-uh duh, you know how this works!

3. You don’t have to be wealthy, but you should have more money than the stripper.  Remember, it ain’t trickin’ if you got it.
4. Don’t ask the dancer her real name. This is a fantasy, don’t ruin it with a reality check.

5. Don’t touch the dancers unless you know her or know it’s ok with her, which most of the time, it is not!
6. It’s a gentlemen’s club. Don’t bring your girlfriend, sister or your female co-workers unless they are super-cool, or gay.

7. Ok, so if you are a girlfriend, sister or female co-worker, this is NOT a regular club!  This is a strip club, where the ladies are PAID to dance.  Don’t try to dance harder than the stripper – you’ll look stupid and desperate.
8. Don’t throw ten dollars in ones in the air and think you’re “making it rain”!  If thats all you have, tip the damn bartender.

9. Don’t ball out on bottled water. Get a real drink like a boss, and tip the damn bartender!
10. If you OR your girl are caught picking up the dancer’s money..good luck getting out safe!