Successful Stripper 101

Successful Stripper 101

If you want to be successful as an exotic dancer, it takes more than a cute face and a big booty.  The most successful dancers are those who develop certain habits that allow them to thrive in the sometimes harrowing world of adult entertainment.  We’ve talked to several long-time strippers and here are the habits they’ve formed that have allowed them to make (and keep) that money!

Practice Your Dance Moves

A dancer who can get it on the stage always gets more tips than one who can’t hold a beat. In addition, a woman who knows how to move her body well has a much better chance of getting noticed than one who cannot.  It’s cliché but practice truly makes perfect. Watch online dancing videos (youtube has a ton of them), attend a pole-dancing class, watch other strippers who inspire you, and find the time to perfect your craft. It’ll make your job easier, make you more of an attraction, and you’ll see an increase in your tips.

Get a Cover Job

There is still a bit of a stigma in society that being stripper is a negative and degrading career. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself from harsh and even violent criticisms from family, friends, and others, is to find a cover job. Though this cover job may be a part time gig that pays significantly lower, at least it keeps people out of your business.  The biggest issue that can arise is when people start questioning how your part time job can support your current lifestyle, so try not to be too lavish.

Stay Away From the Drug Life

More often than not, strip clubs are drug filled environments. Though heroin and meth are not commonly seen, alcohol, weed, and cocaine are fairly common. By law, clubs prohibit illegal drug use and you can get fired from your job if caught. In addition, drugs can become an addictive and very expensive habit, which is bad for your bottom dollar.  It’s one thing to have a few drinks or smoke a little weed here and there to take the edge off, but if you have to depend on drugs (alcohol is a drug too) to make it through your day at the club, you might need to re-think your career choice.  Save your money and stay away from drugs.

Stay Safe

There are going to be times where clients might touch you inappropriately or use unnecessary force to pull you into their domain so always careful and make sure that you have a good relationship with club security.  Clients may be paying for your services, but remember that your service does not include them grabbing you without warrant.  You’re paying the club for a reason so make sure security does its job and ensures that your clients don’t get out of hand.  There are some crazy clients out there who feel that the club is an “anything goes” environment so get your money, but be safe.

Learn How To Hustle

Yes, the best way to get tips is to be extremely friendly with potential clients. Make eye contact, smile at them, pat them on the shoulder, talk to them and make them feel comfortable. But remember, just because you’re acting friendly does not mean you’re friends – you’re there to make money.  This is why you need to do whatever you can to get lap dances. Why a lap dance? In most strip/nude clubs, the lap dances (and trips to the VIP/Champagne Room) are where you make the most money.  As they say in terms of strip club money: pole dancing is your cheese and lap dances are your macaroni!  Yes it does take some confidence and charisma to go up to a stranger and ask them for a lap dance, but remember that they did come to a strip club and you are what they came for!  Stripping is essentially outside sales, so learn how to sell yourself well and you will see it reflected in how much you make at the club.

Strip at a Club That Has A Fixed Cover Fee

There are clubs that take a certain percentage off your tips, and then there are clubs that charge you a fixed cover fee. Yes, believe it or not, many clubs charge you to have the privilege to dance at their establishments.  For obvious reasons you’ll be able to save more money if you choose a club that charges a fixed fee. You worked hard for that money, don’t let the club take a big portion of your earnings!

Develop Your Social Media/Internet Presence

It’s no surprise that some of the most successful dancers are the ones who take the time to develop a fanbase on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other forms of social media.  Being an exotic dancer involves branding yourself and the internet provides the best (and cheapest) way to market yourself to the public.  Social media allows you to develop a loyal group of fans that can translate into paying clients.  The most savvy dancers also learn the value of having their own websites which allow them to market themselves more aggressively and even sell personalized products like photosets, videos, calendars, etc to their fans and followers.

Have Thick Skin

In this industry you’re going to come across clients and co-workers  who will say (or do) hurtful and obnoxious things. There will be times where a clients will pick another dancers over you for a lap dance. There will be times where there will be drama between you and other strippers, especially if you’re the stripper making the most money. Take it all in stride and know that this industry can sometimes be a very harsh and emotional career choice.  Your insecurities can (and will) be tested so stay strong!  You need to be able to have thick skin and just keep it movin’ when the inevitable craziness happens. It’s like any other sales job –  you may get rejected, you may be yelled at, you may be put down, but if you stick to the script and keep your mind on your paper instead of the distractions, you will be the one laughing all the way to the bank in the end!

Have A Plan

You can’t do this forever!  No matter how gorgeous you are or how bangin’ your body is, this industry is not one that is favorable to longevity.  There will aways be newer dancers coming in who are younger, hotter, friendlier, and hungrier than you are!  Successful dancers know this and develop a plan by doing something productive and enriching with their money.  Buy a house, put the money into a business you love, get your degree, just don’t spend it all on red bottoms and Louis Vuitton bags.  Make your dancing money work for you so that this career can be a choice, not a necessity!